Pawprints - Myth Busting Small Insects Myths


Revolutionizing the Future of Pet Nutrition Via Microsite

Projects Durations

March 2023 - May 2023


Desktop website & Mobile responsive website

Scope of Work

Brand Launch Campaign,
UI Design, Interaction Design



Meet Pawprints, a brand-new company with a mission to revolutionize the pet industry by thinking outside the box. Proudly Indonesian, they are dedicated to crafting pet food that stands out from the rest, using insects as their secret weapon.

But how does this innovative approach work? By collaborating with experienced veterinarians, expert nutritionists, and drawing insights from numerous journals, Pawprints has successfully created a product that was once unthinkable. They have managed to produce the highest quality pet food for your beloved furry companions, using insects as a key ingredient. Can you imagine that?

However, the primary challenge lies in the fact that insects may not be the most appealing choice for human consumers. Many people are understandably hesitant about feeding their pets something made from insects. Pawprints' ultimate goal is to convince pet owners and the broader audience about the safety and numerous benefits of insect-based pet food.

This is where Maleo steps in. We have delved deep into this campaign, dedicated to helping Pawprints achieve their objectives. Our team has conducted extensive research and development efforts, pouring hours into website development and UX/UI research. The result? pawprints.id was born. Our aim is to empower Pawprints to make a significant impact on the market from a digital perspective. This multifaceted platform serves several critical functions. It allows potential customers to request free samples through an engaging quiz and serves as a comprehensive hub for product education and information.

Read on to learn how Pawprints unlocked their full potential on the digital side with Maleo.

Project Stages:

01 Research

02 Design

03 Development

Research 🔍

For any business, it's important to have an identity, especially in this digital driven era. Considering the short amount of time of the project, Maleo proposes a microsite will be used as the main priority for Pawprints.

This microsite has two primary objectives. The first is to educate users about the safety and digestibility of insect-based food for our beloved pets. The second goal is to engage and encourage individuals to claim their free samples through an interactive quiz.

We understand the limitation of this campaign by using a microsite, therefore we had to make sure to put all information needed in one page for Pawprints.

So the research will focus about two main things:

  • Competitor research: on Insect-based & self driven pet food websites
  • Quiz feature exploration, to see what kind of interactive quiz can we develop for the microsite
Pawprints research

Explore & Define
The results of our research are listed down in our strict lists. Where we evaluate our competitor websites based on what works and what doesn't. Either it's too wordy, broken images, bad user journey, bad sitemap, bad design, bad website you name it. We put it all down to make it clear about our position and where we can excel.

Also from that learning phase about our competitors we put down what will be the best to put in our site.

Designing 🎨

Designing are about making people trust your product / services more, make it memorable to users and more importantly get your message across to them. What we know Pawprints want to inspire, be friendly, and fun. As a brand, they are moving based on scientific facts and their love for cats and dogs.

In this campaign, Maleo starts with simple things yet needs details to complete it. First we make the Sitemap, Wireframe and User Interface.

Sitemap and User Flowchart
Sitemap is really important to client to understand what the goal is. The sitemap was based on the goal to make sure users use our Quiz feature. So visitors would play and get the free sample. Also we need to make a User Flowchart. This to make sure that we can map great user experience and user journey when users explore our page.

Pawprints User Flow

Next step is important to both of us, Pawprints and Maleo. Making an awesome wireframe means many iterations, meetings and arguments thrown out there. That is just for making the greatest microsite ever. Many obstacles when making the wireframe. Maleo wants to make sure it fits with the brand message they want to deliver.

Pawprints Wireframe

User Interface Design
Black and White isn't gonna make it these days. So wireframe is not enough, we need to give colors and meaning to this wireframe. We need to make this microsite feel alive and not boring to users out there.

To accommodate Pawprints value proposition we developed a UI design that:

  • Has 70% imagery and 30% illustrations.
  • Fun, simple & modern look

Here below what we create align with what the brand identity that Pawprints wants.

Pawprints UI DesktopPawprints UI Mobile

Development 💠

Tech Development and Finishing
Design is there but we still need help from our Maleo tech guys to make this microsite alive. We want to make sure that design and tech align one another so we can make this greatest microsite ever. Need to remember that website development in a short time is never an easy task especially with many features that we want to offer to users.

So, we only got like 1,5 months to transform the design into a microsite. From static development, animation phase, dynamic content until creating handover documents and putting analytics in the Pawprints microsite. There are surely some challenges, especially when making the quiz because there are some issues that arise when making them. But hey, we are Maleo. We are the best in the business.

And we did it. The microsite is alive. We deliver it perfectly, from the product information, the quiz and even the prizes are delivered to users who are curious about Pawprints product. Insects as a pet food is never an issue from the start, it depends on how we deliver it to people. Maleo did it perfectly and you can check the pawprints microsite.

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